Summer Internships

MIASF June 1, 2019 97 No Comments


As the school year ends and summer begins, it is the perfect time of year to introduce young people to the marine industry through summer internships! Coming from someone who began their career in the marine industry as an intern, I strongly believe that internships are key to recruiting the next generation of employees to develop your workforce.

When I was first starting off in the workforce, I often took whatever jobs were available to me, simply because I wanted to earn money. It wasn’t until years later that I began to focus my summer work toward jobs I thought could lead to a long-term career and realized how many opportunities I may have missed by not doing this all along. After only a few weeks into my internship with the marine industry I knew that this was an industry that I was passionate about and realized that I had finally found that career.

State and National unemployment rates are the lowest they’ve been in decades, and students are constantly bombarded with recruitment information for careers in different industries. There is no better way to catch a student’s attention then to give them a memorable experience working hands-on in an industry with long-term career opportunities. When the students return to school in the fall, and compare stories about what they did this summer, it’s always the cool or different stories that stand out. What’s cooler than spending your summer around yachts and on the water!

For students looking to find  a summer internship with a little more splash, or for companies looking to develop their workforce while introducing students to careers in the marine industry, please contact Sean Smith at