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Salty Jobs S2 – Episode 10

“We didn’t start the fire, no we didn’t light it, but we learned to fight it”. Watch Salty Jobs host Sean Smith as he discovers important fire safety methods for land and sea in the latest episode.

publish July 2, 2019 160
Salty Jobs S2 – Episode 9

Warning! Chemistry lesson ahead in this vacuum-packed boat-building episode of Salty Jobs in Sarasota.

publish June 3, 2019 305
Salty Jobs S2 – Episode 8

Sparks fly at Engineered Yacht Solutions in the latest Salty Jobs episode with hosts Sean Smith and Erika Reineke – but it’s not what you think!

publish March 27, 2019 726
Salty Jobs S2 – Episode 7

Watch the latest Salty Jobs episode where host Sean Smith learns about AERE Marine Group and “snags” another great marine industry job!

publish February 14, 2019 894
Salty Jobs S2 – Episode 6

Watch Sean Smith and his surprise Salty Jobs’ co-host as they ‘go for the gold’ with AccuDock floating dock systems.

publish January 9, 2019 849
Salty Jobs S2 – Episode 5

Sean’s dusting off his math skills and taking a deep dive into the appraisal of a local marina in the latest episode of Salty Jobs.

publish November 28, 2018 1836
Salty Jobs S2 – Episode 4

Watch this episode of Salty Jobs to learn how Telemar Yachting and Bluewater Books and Charts join forces to keep captains on course.

publish November 7, 2018 879
Salty Jobs – S2 Episode 3

Travel the world with the marine industry! Watch this episode of Salty Jobs at Maritime Professional Training to learn how!

publish August 21, 2018 1155
Salty Jobs – S2 Episode 2

Check out this episode of Salty Jobs, where host Sean Smith goes below deck with Quantum Marine Stabilizers to suppress the noise.

publish June 29, 2018 1155
Salty Jobs – S2 Episode 1

Refitting a yacht is a lot less puzzling when you watch how it’s done in the season premiere of season 2 of Salty Jobs at MarineMax’s full yacht repair facility.

publish May 30, 2018 1451
Salty Jobs – S1 Episode 11

In this episode of Salty Jobs, take a look behind the curtain – or in this case, behind the pipe-and-drape, to see what goes into building three million square feet of exhibit space from the ground up to prepare for the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Sho

publish February 20, 2018 1871
Salty Jobs – S1 Episode 10

Watch this episode of Salty Jobs to see host Sean Smith swab the deck for sibling entrepreneurs who turned their part-time high school boat washing job into a thriving, full-service business of managing yachts.

publish January 9, 2018 1938

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